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Agri-Tourism Multi-State Co-operative Society Ltd

Agri-Tourism Multi-state Co-operative Society Ltd (ATCOS). No. MSCR/CR/969  is registered by the Central Registrar, govt. of India for promoting Agricultural  and Tourism activities, specially focusing on value added system in agriculture and  sustainable tourism. The main objective of our society are to integrate and face together all types of tourism activities conserving biodiversity and environment. We aim to establish not only in India but all around the world.

For achieving our vision and mission, members of our society (ATCOS) focus on activities in Farm tourism, Tent Tourism , Home stay, Organic Cultivation, resorts, yoga and naturopathy,  Health tourism, Back water tourism, adventure tourism etc. we invite all companies and organisations which are related to above activities to contact by email for marketing their properties and concerns nationally and internationally. we provide accreditation and institutional membership as well.  proprietary concerns, firms, Pvt Ltd, Public Ltd, Co., Semi Govt. and Govt. Organisations are also eligible for institutional membership.

Our Members Group

 ‘CAMPPER’- We are creating an Opportunity for landowners/farmers/resort owners, who has an excess land capacity, to earn extra revenue by sharing their excess land for camping. A landowner can host campers with a minimal investment as low as INR 10k with a quicker ROI.
Besides the revenue from camping, farmers can sell local activities, fresh agri produce and products directly to the tourists.

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Agro Consultants

Phone: +91 9567474989

Our Services

Here listing our main services.

Agri Tourism

Agritourism is basically where agriculture and tourism intersect, as farms and ranches invite the public onto their property to experience the out of doors, the leisure pace, and the healthy and nutritious produce that is only possible when it is fresh picked at the peak of perfection.

Tour Package

Agri Farming

Today, most family farms face serious economic challenges from foreign competition and large, corporate farms. Their earnings on commodities and livestock may not even cover production costs. But farmers who sell directly to the public - through fruit stands and farm country stores - and also add special activities for visitors, find they can continue farming and make a profit. Agritourism is actually saving thousands of small farms from extinction.

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